VIR·TUE (noun):  habitual and firm disposition to do good.

Honesty - Stave Icon.png

Honesty™  //  Stave shells offer truthful tone.

Unity - Segment Icon.png

Unity™  //  Segmented shells promote strength & harmony.

Patience - Steambent Icon.png

Perseverance™  //  Steambent shells yield balance. 

Humility - Plywood Icon.png

Humility™  //  Plywood shells demonstrate consistency.

Diligence - Metal Icon.png

Diligence™  //  Metal shells provide resilient tone. 

Courage - Ideas Icon.png

Courage™  //  New ideas require boldness & bravery.

Grace - Used Icon.png

Grace™  //  Existing drums receive kindness & new life.

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