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VIRTUE: Humility™

Humility - Plywood Icon.png

Plywood shells are made from stacked sheets of wood veneer. We offer a variety of tonewoods including Maple, Birch, Walnut, Ash, Mahogany, Poplar & Cherry, as well as a variety of exotic species. This meek material achieves considerable strength & desirable tonal characteristics via intentional variation of the grain orientation. We offer two types of shell for this series:

Vintage 3-Ply

VIRTUE Drums 3-Ply Vintage Drumshell Mahogany Poplar

Modern Multi-ply

VIRTUE Drums Ash Drumshell Humilty

Our Vintage 3-Ply shells feature classic construction with an 1/8" Poplar core and 1/16" inner and outer plies. Each ply is offset, and overlapping scarf joints are utilized on the inner/outer plies.

Our Modern Multi-ply shells are made with state-of-the-art hydraulic presses to ensure consistently tight bonds and uniform thickness. This allows us to create shells that are strong, thin, and incredibly resonant.


Timbre Ring.jpg

Our Timbre-Ring™ design can be added to any drum in our Humility™ series. This feature yields exceptionally rich, warm tone by utilizing a very thick, round-over edge on a very thin shell. This allows the instrument to demonstrate superior shell resonance when compared to drums with traditional reinforcement rings or thicker shells, while also minimizing the increase in pitch that is inherent in other shell designs. 

VIRTUE Drums Timbre Ring Ash Custom Drum Set
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