VIRTUE: Humility™

Humility - Plywood Icon.png

Plywood shells are made from stacked sheets of wood veneer. We offer a variety of tonewoods including Maple, Birch, Walnut, Ash, Mahogany, Poplar & Cherry, as well as a variety of exotic species. This meek material achieves considerable strength & desirable tonal characteristics via intentional variation of the grain orientation. We offer two types of shell for this series:

Vintage 3-Ply

VIRTUE Drums 3-Ply Vintage Drumshell Mahogany Poplar

Modern Multi-ply

VIRTUE Drums Ash Drumshell Humilty

Our Vintage 3-Ply shells feature classic construction with an 1/8" Poplar core and 1/16" inner and outer plies. Each ply is offset, and overlapping scarf joints are utilized on the inner/outer plies.

Our Modern Multi-ply shells are made with state-of-the-art hydraulic presses to ensure consistently tight bonds and uniform thickness. This allows us to create shells that are strong, thin, and incredibly resonant.


Timbre Ring.jpg

Our Timbre-Ring™ feature can be added to any drum in our Humility™ series. On toms and snare drums we typically add this narrow band to the top edge only to allow for a thicker bearing edge and further activate the shell, yielding a rich tone without creating excessive shell dampening. Bass drums generally receive them on both sides to add strength and overtone control.

VIRTUE Drums Timbre Ring Ash Custom Drum Set