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We've revealed the virtue in this vintage MIJ 1960's Starlight snare drum after more than 50 years of life. Improvements include:


- New level bearing edges, including an asymmetrical round-over on top and back cut round-over and inner 45 on the bottom

- New properly centered, hand-shaped snare beds (wide, medium-shallow)

- Reliable dual-adjustable snare strainer & butt plate to keep snare wires perfectly centered

- Fat Cat Split Wide 16-strand snare wires

- Added maple claw hoops and new tension rods

- Quality heads including a Remo Skyntone batter head and Ludwig Weather Master snare side head

- Dampened internal lug springs to prevent unwanted ring

- Sanded and sealed the interior of the shell

- Custom handcut lug gaskets


We maintained a warm, vintage sound with this drum but now it plays with great responsiveness courtesty of the quality edges & snare beds. The heads, hoops, and snare wires were selected for light to moderate playing styles and are not suitable for heavier playing or extensive rim shots.


Cosmetic flaws the buyer should note include general corrosion and scratches on the lug casings and the original strainer holes have been filled with epoxy (not visible from exterior).

VIRTUE: Grace™ 14"x5.5" Starlight Vintage Orange Sparkle

  • - 14" x 5.5" Vintage 60's Starlight 8-Lug Snare Drum
    - Philippine Mahogany Shell with Rerings
    - Original orange sparkle wrap fully intact
    - Internal adjustable muffler
    - New level edges & snare beds
    - Reliable modern dual-adjustable throw & butt
    - Maple claw hoops added
    - Fat Cat Split Wide 16-strand snare wires

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