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This VIRTUE: Honesty™ African Sapele 13" x 6.5" Snare Drum features our Purely-Resonant™ solid stave construction with roundover top edges is superbly sensitivity. It is remarkably easy to tune and speaks beautifully with a satisfyingly warm tone and controlled resonance.

A hand-rubbed satin finish reveals the naturally beautiful timber combined with classic hardware, including eight chrome-over-brass tube lugs, Trick 3-position throw-off, and S-Hoop™ rims. Additional features include Fat Cat snare wires, top-quality stainless steel internal mounting screws, Hendrix Sleeved Washers to facilitate smooth, accurate tuning and prevent tension rod rattle at lower tensions, and high-quality drumheads by Evans to deliver professional results straight away.

VIRTUE: Honesty™ 13"x6.5" African Sapele Snare Drum

SKU: H19014
  • - 13" x 6.5" African Sapele Snare Drum

    - Purely-Resonant™ 1/2" Stave Shell
    - Eight (8) Chrome-Over-Brass Tube Lugs
    - S-Hoop™ Rims on Top & Bottom 
    - Trick GS-007MS Multistep Throw-Off
    - Fat Cat 20-Strand Snare Wires
    - Hendrix Sleeved Washers on Tension Rods
    - Evans Power Center Reverse Dot Batter Head
    - Evans Snare Side 300 Resonant Head
    - Hand-Rubbed Satin Finish

    - Chrome & Black Hardware

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