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This VIRTUE: Humility 14" x 6.5" snare drum delivers vintage vibes and warm, fat tone courtesy of an 8-ply shell with an Okoume core and Black Cherry outer plies. The top edge has an inverted roundover profile while the bottom edge has a 45-degree inner cut and rounded outer cut. Deep, wide snare beds deliver a thick, consistent backbeat.


The classic look is complemented by a hand-rubbed satin finish and chrome hardware. Hardware include eight traditional beavertail-style lugs per side, 2.5mm chrome-over-brass (COB) rims for added resonance and projection, Fat Cat High Performance 20-strand snare wires, and top-quality stainless steel internal mounting screws. Nylon shoulder washers facilitate smooth, accurate tuning and prevent tension rod rattle at lower tensions, while high-quality drumheads by Evans yield professional results straight away.


Black Cherry (Prunus serotina)

Janka Hardnesss Rating: 950 lbf

Origin: Michigan (USA)

Sustainability: This species is not listed in the CITES Appendices, and is reported by the IUCN as being a species of least concern.


Okoume (Aucoumea klaineana)

Janka Hardnesss Rating: 400 lbf

Origin: Gabon (Central Africa)

Sustainability: This species is not listed in the CITES Appendices, but is on the IUCN Red List. It is listed as vulnerable due to a population reduction of over 20% in the past three generations, caused by a decline in its natural range, and exploitation.


VIRTUE: Humility™ 14"x6.5" Black Cherry-Okoume Snare Drum

SKU: HM19010
  • - 14" x 6.5" Cherry-Okoume Snare Drum
    - 8-Ply Shell (1 Cherry / 6 Okoume / 1 Cherry)
    - Eight (8) Beavertail Lugs per Side
    - 2.5mm Chrome-Over-Brass Rims
    - Fat Cat High Performance Steel Snare Wires
    - Nylon Shoulder Washers on Tension Rods
    - Evans Power Center Reverse Dot Batter Head
    - Evans Snare Side 300 Bottom Head
    - Hand-Rubbed Satin Finish
    - Chrome Hardware


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