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Our VIRTUE: Humility Calico Walnut Drum Set delivers a warm, beautifully resonant tone courtesy of Ultra-Thin 4mm shells and our unique Timbre Ring™ design. This approach allows for a wider roundover on the top edge of each tom and both sides of the bass drum, while avoiding the excessive shell dampening & increased pitch caused by traditional re-rings. The kit features a classic configuration of 20" bass drum, 14" floor tom, and 12" mounted tom and highly versatile tuning capabilities.


A pair of matching walnut hoops accompany the bass drum. Classic single ended chrome-over-brass tube lugs deliver reliable tuning and minimal shell dampening while top-quality stainless steel fasteners are used for all internal mounting screws. A Gauger Flex Frame™ is fitted on the 12" tom and rubber isolation feet are utilized on the 14" floor tom to promote resonace. Nylon shoulder washers facilitate smooth, accurate tuning and prevent tension rod rattle at lower tensions. Specially selected, high-quality drumheads by Evans deliver professional results straight away.



- 12x8" Tom: Evans UV1 Top, G1 Clear Reso

- 14x13" Floor Tom: Evans UV1 Top, G1 Clear Reso

- 20x14" Bass Drum: Evans UV EQ4 Batter, Calftone EQ4 Reso


Black Walnut (Juglans Nigra)

Janka Hardnesss Rating: 1,010 lbf

Origin: Eastern United States

Sustainability: Not listed in the CITES Appendices or IUCN Red List of threatened species.

VIRTUE: Humility™ 20/14/12 Calico Walnut Drum Set w/ Timbre-Rings™

SKU: HM21003, HM21004, HM21005
  • - Ultra-Thin 4mm Calico Walnut Drumshells (6-Ply)
    - Warm, Assymetrical Roundover Edges
    - 20x14" Bass Drum w/ Dual Timbre-Rings™
    - 14x13" Floor Tom w/ Timbre-Ring™ on Top
    - 12x8" Mounted Tom w/ Timbre-Ring™ on Top
    - Walnut Bass Drum Hoops
    - 2.3mm Rims on Toms
    - Gauger Flex Frame™ Isolation Mount on 12"
    - Rubber Isolation Feet on 14" Floor Tom
    - Nylon Shoulder Washers on Tension Rods
    - Chrome Hardware including Single Tube Lugs
    - Top-Quality Stainless Steel Fasteners
    - Evans Drumheads

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