Xu W. // China:  "After a month's waiting, I finally got the drum. The packaging, gifts and the handwritten words of owner Jeff made me feel sincere and warm. This may be something beyond the drum. Thank you very much, Jeff! This is a great drum, no matter in workmanship or sound, even more exquisite than my Craviotto snare. This is a drum worthy of collection! It is also an unforgettable and warm shopping experience!"


Jim S. // Arizona:  "Wanted you to know that I got my drums on Tuesday and am very happy. They really look and sound great, and I know I will enjoy them for many years to come."

11-months later:  "Want you to know, I love the sound of my kit. It blows away my Gretsch Bop Kit, and I get tons of compliments on the looks of the kit. No regrets buying this kit from Virtue!"


Teri S. // Florida:  "I wish everyone did business like Jeff and those at Virtue Drums, professional and attentive to the finest details, their drums are beautiful, well constructed and sound and play fantastic. Incredible shipping protection too !!! You won't be disappointed!"

Diligence Aluminum A.JPG

Blake R. // California:  "You guys, incredible. My 70's Acrolite has been my workhorse for like 6 years. Literally thousands of gigs, tours, etc. This thing is gonna get beat to sh*t. I love it."

Lim C. // Singapore:  "Much heartfelt appreciation of your kindness and service dedication to make my purchase a memorable one!"

Carly P. // Michigan:  "Great atmosphere, very accommodating, wide selection. I felt very comfortable and listened to. Great experience."

Mike G. // Utah:  "I admit, when I first sent my drums off to Jeff at VIRTUE, I was a bit nervous. I didn't know a lot about the company, but after communicating with him via email, I knew I wanted him to give my old Pearl Export Pro kit a bearing edge "makeover".

The nervousness didn't last long. After a quick turnaround (about four weeks from shipping them out and getting them back) and excellent communication, I got my drums back yesterday and pulling them even out of the box I immediately noticed a difference. They looked like a much nicer set of drums right away! Then, after putting everything back together and getting them tuned up (which took so much less time than before), they sounded like a so-much-better version of their old selves.

The only negative part of the process is I don't have as much of a reason for a new drumkit now, but when I do, I plan on ordering from Jeff at VIRTUE Drums."