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VIRTUE: Honesty™

Honesty - Stave Icon.png

Stave drum shells are made from blocks of solid wood with vertical grain orientation and adjoined via precisely cut miter joints. The angular structure is then lathed into a smooth cylindrical shape. The resulting sound is revealing & straight-forwardly honest, with excellent sensitivity and dynamic capabilities. We offer two options for this series:


VIRTUE Drums Stave Drumshell Honesty Purely-Resonant Sapele


VIRTUE Drums Stave Drumshell Honesty Ultra-Resonant Spalted Ash

Purely-Resonant™ shells feature classic straight-wall construction, with a thickness of 3/8" - 1/2" depending on the drum type and desired tone. This traditional design offers excellent sensitivity, dynamics, and a focused timbre. 

Ultra-Resonant™ shells are milled thinner on the interior, between 1/4" - 3/8". This design offers added resonance  and  a more complex set of overtones. Reinforcement rings are integrated into the shell to ensure lasting integrity.

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