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This VIRTUE: Courage™ 14" x 6.5" snare drum breathes new life into designs that Frank Wolf developed in the early 20th century featuring a two-to-one lug ratio. Our variation alternates 6 double-sided tube lugs with 6 single-sided tube lugs to create a 12-over-6 lug pattern, yielding articulation from the batter head while offering optimal conditions for low to medium tuning from the resonant head. This arrangement allows for unorthodox, uniquely fat tones to be generated without compromising responsiveness from the playing surface.


A 10-ply African Mahogany shell delivers warmth and is coupled with our Timbre Ring™ design to allow for an extra-thick, asymetrical flat-top bearing edge, which helps generate a rich sound with controlled overtones. The classic visual vibe is enhanced by a white marine pearl finish wrap with traditional chrome hardware.

Features include classic chrome-over-brass tube lugs, S-Hoop™ rims, Artist-Focus™ dual air vents, DW MAG™ throw-off, DW 3-position adjustable butt plate for rapid transitions in snare wire response, 20-strand steel snare wires with brass end plates, and extra-wide, hand-shaped snare beds. Nylon shoulder washers facilitate smooth, accurate tuning and prevent tension rod rattle at lower tensions, while high-quality drumheads by Remo deliver professional results straight away.


Please note, the 12-lug S-Hoop rim is designed for standard drumhead collars (such as Remo), but does not accommodate the slightly oversized collars produced by Evans. If you prefer to utilize Evans drumheads please contact us to discuss swapping the S-Hoops for no-flange style hoops.

VIRTUE: Courage™ 14"x6.5" 12-Over-6 Lug Mahogany Snare Drum w/ Timbre-Ring™

SKU: C19019
  • - 14" x 6.5" African Mahogany 10-Ply Shell
    - Mahogany-Poplar Timbre Ring™ on Top Edge
    - Extra-Wide, Hand-Shaped Snare Beds
    - Artist-Focus™ Dual Air Vents
    - Twelve (12) Chrome-Over-Brass Tube Lugs (6 + 6)
    - S-Hoop Rims on Top & Bottom  
    - DW MAG™ Throw-Off & 3-Position Butt Plate
    - 20-Strand Steel Snare Wires with Brass End Clips
    - Nylon Shoulder Washers on Tension Rods  
    - Remo Controlled Sound Coated Batter Head
    - Remo Ambassador Snare Side Resonant Head
    - White Marine Pearl Finish Wrap
    - Chrome Hardware

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